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U.S./UK Financial Planning for U.S. Attorneys
American attorneys in the UK face many obstacles to successfully growing their wealth. These cross-border financial planning issues are complex, but do not have to be overwhelming.

You are exclusively invited to a presentation designed to address the unique investment management and financial planning issues for U.S. law firm partners living in the UK. Effective investing for U.S. law firm partners not only requires a deep understanding of tax and reporting rules in multiple jurisdictions, but also an understanding of firm benefits and pension options. This presentation addresses common issues encountered by U.S. law firm partners living in the UK and provides an overview of compliant U.S./UK financial planning strategies.

Topics to be covered include:
• Building a strategic and tax efficient investment portfolio
• FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and its consequences
• Use of U.S. and UK retirement accounts
• Currency management
• UK residency and domicile rules
• International estate planning
• Planning for families that include a non-U.S. spouse
• Retirement outside of the United States

Issues for Law Firm Partners:
• Understanding various firm benefits
• How to manage cash flow needs, especially in retirement
• Understanding firm pension benefits and the implications of certain elections you will need to make
• The elements of an efficient estate plan and why your old plan may not be optimal
• How to objectively review your insurance coverages (life, disability, liability, & property)
• Failing to properly diversify your portfolio and not investing cash diligently


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