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Cross-Border Financial Planning for UK Expats in NY
For cross-border families with connections to the UK, many additional complexities must be factored into the investment and financial planning equation. When some or all family members become U.S. citizens or permanent residents (green card holders), U.S. taxation becomes a permanent feature of investment decisions even if the family plans to leave the United States. Unfamiliarity with the U.S. tax and legal environment often leads to poor long-term financial planning decisions and costly mistakes.

You are exclusively invited to a webinar we are hosting for British expats in the United States. Cross-border planning and investing is complex, but it does not have to be overwhelming.

We will discuss effective investment and financial strategies to help individuals maximize their long-term, after-tax wealth potential whether they remain in America, move abroad, or maintain something in between.

Specific Issues for UK Citizens Living in the United States:
• Reporting SIPPs, ISAs, and company pensions as a U.S. taxpayer
• UK domicile and residency tax rules
• UK IHT (Inheritance Tax) planning
• Giving up a U.S. Green Card/ Relinquishing U.S. Citizenship (U.S. Exit Tax Planning)
• Planning for a move back to the UK and international retirement

Common Cross-Border Investing Issues:
• Building a strategic and tax efficient investment portfolio
• FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and its consequences
• Non-U.S. retirement accounts
• Currency management
• International estate planning
• Planning for families that include a non-U.S. spouse


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